Wooden Nut Bowl

Wooden Nut bowls in different shapes and sizes for serving


Knives for professional use, for both butchers and chefs.

Cafe & Barista Equipments

Cafe equipments for home use and professional use.

Chain Glove & Apron

Chain Glove and Aprons for job security. Suitable for butchers and slaughterhouses

Beater Whisk

Beaters in different sizes, both stainless steel and also silicone material.

Salt & Pepper Mills

Salt Mills, Pepper Mills in different sizes.

Bread Baskets For Restaurants

Bread Baskets in Rattan, Plastic, Willow and Palmleaf Material.

Pasta Machine

Italian Pasta Machines, mostly for home use.

Butcher Tools

Different kinds of butchers equipments: plates, hooks, hammers, magnets

Non Slip Tray

Plastic and Fiberglass non slip trays for professional use.

Stainless Steel Ladle & Skimmer

Stainless Steel ladles and skimmers in different sizes.

Sharpening Steels

Sharpening Steels in different brands, sizes and shapes.

Tableware for Restaurants

Tablewares like salt pepper shakers, oil vinegar sets.

Cake Tools

Cake Tools for home use and professional use.

Polycarbonate Serving Utensils

Polycarbonate Serving Utensils for hotel and buffets.

Professional Kitchen Utensils

Different kind of utensils like: Peelers, Carvers, Scoops, Scissors

Professional Grater

Different kinds and sizes of Graters suits for professional use.

Kitchen Scoop

Different kinds and sizes of kitchen scoop suits for professional use.


Cleavers in different sizes and shapes suitable for professional kitchens, butchers, slaughterhouses.


Different kinds and sizes of professioanl spatulas suits for professional use.

Steak Board

Steak Boards in different sizes for steak serving.


Strainers and China Caps in different sizes for professional use.